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Sunday, 12 November 2017

latest Job for diploma engineering student 2017

Latest job for diploma engineering 2017

The Sigma electric manufacturing corporation has revealed the notification for the enlistment of diploma candidates for DET position. Who are need for job on the basis of diploma engineering can apply, the criteria and location for the job is given below. If have any friends who is need of job on diploma in mechanical,automobile,production,metallurgy and tool die making for below mentioned position, then please inform them to attend this walk in interview.

latest job

  Latest Recruitment 2017:-

  • Name of companySIGMA electric manufacturing corporation

  • Post name - DET (Diploma Engineer Trainee)

  • Job location - Maharashtra
Note: Candidate has to relocate to chakan / Talegaon area only after selection

  • Application procedure - walk in interview

  • Date of Interview- 16-Nov-2017

  • Official Website -

Eligibility criteria:-

  • Education qualification - Diploma in mechanical, automobile, production, metallurgy and tool die making  
          Diploma full time 
          2015/2016/2017 pass-out candidates  

  • Gender - Male

  • Age limit - 18 years to 24 years as on 16 November 2017.  

  • Experience  - fresher or candidates with experience up to maximum 2 years in manufacturing functions

  • walk in interview :  
                                        DATE     : 16 November 2017
                                        Time       : 9.00 AM to 4.00PM
                                        Location : The automotive research association of India
                                                          Plot no.- B-16/1, MIDC, Chakan, Tal.khed, Dist.Pune -410501
                                                          Landmark - in front of sigma A4 plant
  • Important links :-

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Shielding gases in Welding

Shielding gases for ARC welding (MIG & TIG)(GMAW & GTAW)

shielding gas for fcaw,gmaw,mig welding

Topics covered

  • What is shielding gas used for arc welding process?
  • Purpose why shielding gas used in welding?
  • Properties of shielding Gas
  • Types of shielding Gas
  • Commonly used shielding gases
  • Effects of shielding gases on Welding
  • Applications of shielding gas in welding process
  • Commonly used Shielding gas mixtures used for welding of metals.

What is shielding gas used in arc welding process?

shielding gases are semi-inert or inert gases that used in the process of mig welding and tig welding(GMAW & GTAW) to protect welding from oxygen and water vapour.

Friday, 20 October 2017


Hi engineers,
         I am uploading Report on REFRIGERATION TEST RIG FOR
MEASUREMENT OF C.O.P.. Useful presentation of Mechanical engineer.

Performance of the domestic refrigerator was experimental analysis with first day without load, second day 5 lit water, third day 10lit water and forth day 8 lit water and also 1kg grapes ,12 piece banana  we was measure C.O.P. was about between 1 to3 and refrigeration pressure capacity was ranging from 0.6 bar to 10.3 bar. Besides that, test rig development method that has been presented in this work was plays important role in order to measurement of the performance of the refrigerator. The correct data from experiment can be produced from a reliable test rig as such presented and the method must be parallel with high skill of work and reliable measurement devices.Practically the C.O.P. of refrigerator is between in 1 – 3 and theoretical C.O.P. is 5 - 6 compare without practical of difference

How to download report on

1. click on link.
2. wait 5s.
3. click on skip add and download refrigeration test rig for measurement of C.O.P..

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Nuclear Power Plant PPT download

Hi engineers,
         I am uploading Seminar presentation on Nuclear Power Plant. Useful presentation of Mechanical engineer.

                  Nuclear Power Plant PPT 

1. The automic nucleus
2. Nuclear fission
3. Nuclear fusion
3. Basic structure of Nuclear power plant.
4. Block schematic for nuclear power plant.
5.Nuclear chain reaction.
6. Nuclear reactor.
7. Types of nuclear power plant.
8. Nuclear fuel.
9. Steam generator.
10. Steam turbine.
11. working principle.

 How to download PPT on

1. click on link.
2. wait 5s.
3. click on skip add and download nuclear ppt.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Control systems PPT download

Electronic control systems Seminar PPT download.

electronic control system paper presenation download

Hi engineers,
I am uploading Seminar presentation on Control systems.useful for presentation of Mechanical engineers,electronic engineers,electrical ppt free there are no hidden charges applied.


  • Introduction
  • Block diagram of control system.
  • Elements of control system
    •  1. Process or System
       2. Measurement
       3. Error detector
       4. Controller
       5. Control element
  • Limit switches
  • Types of limit switches
  • proximity switches
  • Types of proximity switches
  • Difference between limit switch and proximity switch
  • Types of control system
    • 1.Open loop control system
      2.Closed loop or feedback control system
      3.Feed forward control system
      4.Cascade control system
      5.Analog and Digital control system
      6.Linear and Non linear control system  
  • Difference between open loop and closed loop system
  •  Benefits of process control systems
  • servo control system
  • Block diagram of servo control system
  • Application of servo mechanism.

Download links for Control system PPT

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Ethanol:alternative fuel PPT download


Download Automobile  engineering PPT, Download Engineering PPT, Download Mechanical engineering PPT, Chemical Engineering PPT, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Automobile Engineers, 

Hi engineers,
her i am uploading a new powerpoint presentation on ethanol as an alternative fuel.
So it is useful for chemical engineers,mechanical engineers and mainly automobile engineers seminar PPT.and paper presentations.
ethanol ppt,alternative fuel ethanol ppt,ethanol production presentation download


  • Overview history of ethanol
  • ethanol composition with bonding construction

Laser beam machining (LBM) PPT download

LASER beam machining process seminar presentation free download.

Hi engineers,
here i uploading a new seminar ppt for mechanical engineering students as well as production engineers for their academic use as well as for paper presentation competitions.
LBM paper presentation made by one of college student for competition held by one of engineering college.
So download LBM Machining ppt and get ready for presentation.

Contents OF PPT

  • Characteristics of LASER

engineering ppt jobs

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