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Thursday, 25 January 2018

AWS CWI Training Online-Introduction.

AWS CWI Training Online

details opf AWS CWI india
AWS CWI training Online

Hi friends I am strting Online Certified Welding Inspector Training Module Only here On
So Start Your study Part by part.....Lesson by lesson....
I will Add Online quiz to prepare for CWI MCQ exam.

AWS-CWI Online Study free Course - Table of Contents.

I am providing Full study material as well as practicals for AWS CWI so keep connected to my blog for important updates and studies for American welding societies Certified welding inspector program study and exam Preparation.

Keep Visiting this page Frequently to get Latest Chapters,Lessons and Knowledge required for passin CWI exam.

What is Plan Of CWI study by

Ameriac welding Societies-Certified Welding Inspector Online Training.(AWS-CWI)

What is AWS-CWI?

AWS-CWI is Crtification for personnels working in Welding field to Enhance their Career.Welders who wants to be professional Inspectors can join this program.
Just Imagine Your Title Welding Inspector will changed to Certified Welding inspector.Just Enough to get a good job with good salary hike.

What is Welding Inspectors Duty?

Welding Inspectors employ their extensive knowledge of welding processes, test methods, discontinuities, materials, qualifications, and standards to ensure that weldments and welding related activities comply with all applicable quality and safety criteria. The role of the welding inspector is critical to the safety and structural soundness of the vast number of buildings, vehicles, machinery and consumer products that require strong, secure welds.

Important Knowledge and skills Welding Inspector have to pass the exam and get Certified.
  • He must have ability to demonstrate proper use of common cutting and welding equipments with safety.
  • Have Ability to do DT and NDT.(Destructive and Non destructive Testing).
  • Must able to give demo of Welding Power Source Functions,Working and Chrachristics.
  • knowledge of  defects and Measurement of discontinuties.
  • Able to read blueprints,drawings and other engineering documents.
  • Able to give oral,visual and written Directions to subbordinates.
  • Knowledge of standard cutting and welding symbols.
  • Knowledge of safety standards.
  • Knowledge of PQR and WPS and other welding related documents.
  • Know the welding stadards and codes.
  • Know design and fabrication.
  • Knowledge of filler metal types and their charachristics.
  • Material and their weldeability.
  • Aalytical thinks with problem solving skills.
  • Fluent writing,speaking and leadership skills.

Benefits of CWI Certification?

  • You get Certified.It will increase value of your Sign.
  • You are eligible for 3rd party inspection,you can also work as welding supervisor by this Certificate.
  • Salary Hike - You will get better salary packages after getting certified.
  • Don't Let companies select you.You select The company.

Is CWI exam is hard or easy?

The things that have benefits are always hard to achieve so stop asking this question.
CWI exam is really hard for them who take it Lightly.You just need to give time to study fundamentals of welding,welding calculations.

If you study - Its easy to crack the exam.

What study I need to do For CWI Exam?

  •  Economics of Welding
  •  Fabrication Math II
  •  Metallurgy II
  •  Science of Nondestructive Testing
  •  Understanding Welding Symbols
  •  Welding Fundamentals I
  •  WPS/PQR Explained

Requirements to become CWI?

AWS-CWI Required Experience and educational Qualification.
AWS-CWI Required Experience and educational Qualification.
CWI-Experience Required for Diploma Mechanical?
Some people had confusion about is diploma holders eligible for CWI ?How Much Experience required for Diploma Mechanical or welding Technology person to do the course?

Yes Person who have 3+ years experience in Welding Field with 3 years duration Technical Diploma Is eligible for CWI Exam.

AWS-CWI Exam Pattern?

7 days Seminar is Mendatory before giving CWI exam.
You need to register your name to any of official certification service provider and need to take a seminar.
Need to pay different fees for seminar seminar fees depends on service provider.
Exam fees - 900$.

The CWI Exam is in 3 parts.
  • PART A - Fundamentals of welding.
    • Questions-150
    • Passing % - 72% required to pass this part.
  • PART B  - Practical
    • Questions - 46
    • Passing % - 72% required to pass this part.
  • PART C  - Code Book.(yo can take your code book in exam)
    • Questions - 60
    • Passing % - 72% required to pass this part.

What is Cost of CWI Certification in India?

30,000/- for the Certification service provider who also provides study material (hard and soft copy) 7 days seminar and one day exam.

and Exam fees payable to AWS are 900$ means nearby 57000 INR.

Means You can approximate cost of CWI approx 90,000 INR.

Seminar and Exam Available Cities

How to do CWI in India?

Need not to do Anything Just Go to below website or Contact them via mail address i Provide.
Their support is too good you get replies with 2 hours when you send mails in Indian Working Time.

Eurotech Assessment and certification services.

Mail -
Eurotech is Official Body to provide certification for AWS CWI you can also find their name and contact details at official website

Eurotech World (jignesh Sir) contact on Whatsapp.

My whatsapp No. to get assistance about studies.(Ketan Pujari)

Please Tell my reference while contacting them to get quick assistance and Premium Support.
(Not compulsory you can contact them without my reference also)

I have just started required study I am going to give exam in August but I joined Eurotech before 6-7 months because i will get enough time to study and study material.

more data coming soon.....

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