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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Uses of Internet for Students

Uses of Internet for Students

There are 2 uses of everything in this world.

1-is good use.
2nd is bad use.
So Everything in this world is helpful. So It’s depends on How you use It?
Now coming to the point .
How internet is Helpful to the students?
1-Internet for Knowledge sharing.
students can join groups of their respective field of study on Facebook.
So they learn by Discussing Problems while studies,Projects.also answering others problems can Improve their knowledge soundness.
2-Internet for gathering knowledge.
Students can Join Facebook pages,also follow people on quora who have expertise in their field of study. this method will Increase their Knowledge base as there are tonnes of pages and tonnes of experts have account o quora who give very rare and important knowledge and also answer your questions.
3-Internet for saving Time.
In old day’s we need to buy different books for every thing in that reference books we need to find respective Answer by giving lot of time.Now we can find answer to everything just by Googling within some seconds.
So you can get PDF as well as Website posts that explain answer to your Question.
4-For Online Training Courses via Youtube videos and websites.
Yes.Now you can learn Anything You wan’t free without a single penny.
Lot of Youtubers providing free video classes on Autocad,Catia other design softwares for mechanical engineers.Also for Computer HTML,CSS,JAVA,C programming couching available.
For every field there are classes available online So internet will save your Thousands of rupees.
5-Get Project Ideas?Videos for your projects?
You will get lot of project ideas on internet also they will provide you step by step guide to make your project.Also you can see it practically on youtube.
6-Career Guidance
Lot of bloggers working on providing Career Guidance to students to choose their respective field of study or career by Posting about Career opportunities,Job chances,Salary ranges.
Also some website assist you regarding which course u need to complete for boosting your career in your respective field.
for example I am Diploma Mechanical engineer having 3.6 years of experience in welding.I got idea about CWI certification and now i am preparing that course if internet is not there i am not able to know about that course.
SO after passing that exam i will get salary boost of 200% than current.
7-Internet for Earning some Extra Income for needy students.
Students who are from poor background or lacks money for education can work on internet for some hours for some Money.Lot of options available.Like affiliate marketing.Freelancing means if you have any skills like logo designing,web designing,article writing,photo editing,photoshop etc.then you can make money on freelancing sites like Fiverr,Freelancer.
Also you can earn some revenue for your education for Blogging about what you like(ex. blog for Cricket News).So in this way you can earn Money by Online advertising on Your blog/Website.
If you are engineering Student You can also contact me on for Guidance in career in Engineering.

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